Lake Gardens

From the National Museum, I returned to the vast Lake Gardens to have a visit. Apart from the massive lake, the park is full of many different types of trees. It is a good place to have a jog or walk in the morning and in the evening, where you can escape the hustle of the city and breathe the fresh air.

A few fountains dot the huge lake in the middle of the park, which is surrounded by greenery

I walked back to the tall flight of stairs leading to the Bird Park, and halfway through on my left is the entrance to the Deer Park. From outside, I saw no sign of deer, but I went ahead and entered the park. After a short walk the surrounding trees opened up to a vast open space with a small valley, where I finally see the deer.

The hut in the valley is not for humans, but for the deers. The area is enclosed by wire and visitors are prohibited from entering.
At closer look, the deer are resting under the hot sun. There is only a handful of them here.
Walking to the opposite side, I got a mesmerizing view over the Lake Gardens. I didn’t feel like I was in a city, but in a rainforest.

I continued exploring the park to find more greenery, but no more deer. The sheer amount is quite disappointing, but it is a beautiful place nonetheless.



This beautiful path surrounded by nothing but green looks like a scene from a fairy tale.

After exiting the Deer Park, I found myself in a huge space in front of the lake with a very unique roof.


The roof compliments the trees in a harmony of nature and architecture
The tall buildings around KL Sentral hover beyond the lake
A few ducks swim freely in the lake
This signboard is interestingly decorated with flowers and leaves
Tree with a colourful trunk



Walking further up, I saw a sign leading to a newly opened Bamboo Playhouse. Curiously, I crossed a bridge to see what it is.


The Bamboo Playhouse is constructed completely with bamboo, and is meant to be a place for kids to have fun. But it looked more suited to be a place for adults to relax on its raised platforms.

The platforms can only support a certain weight limit


This pond is fully grown with plants

National Monument

Eventually, I reached the northern edges of Lake Gardens. I had to walk a bit more and cross a road to reach the National Monument. At its base is an exhibition of sculptures related to ASEAN (South East Asian) values, each country represented by a sculpture.





After climbing a flight of stairs, I finally reached the top of the hill.

This memorial commemorates those who died in the World Wars defending the country.
My destination is behind this dome
The scenic view of the city behind the lush greenery on the hill
There it is, the spectacular National Monument!

After resting for a bit and enjoying the beautiful views, I made my descent back into Lake Gardens, and passing the picturesque Sunken Garden.



And with this, I ended my long but fruitful walk of the beautiful Lake Gardens.


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